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When should I start organizing my suit?

Like everything else related to the wedding, you should really arrange what you’re wearing several months in advance. The wedding theme will be decided several months before the actual ceremony begins and once that is set in place, then you can go about searching for a suit or tuxedo that best matches the venue and theme. Some people will like to get their suit as an exact fit, which will mean that a tailor will need time to take measurements and make each garment. Also, many formalwear shops tend to stock more items for the wedding season during the spring/summer where their orders generally increase and stock sells faster, so it’s best to be overly-prepared rather than waiting until the last minute and getting disappointed.

Should I rent or buy a suit for the occasion?

There can be advantages to both renting and owning a suit as it depends on what your aims are and how much you are willing to spend on the suit. Buying a custom suit is the best way to get a piece that fits well, as many tailors will design your piece directly to your requirements and measurements. This will give you not only a suit that will look good on the day but also an additional item that you can keep in the wardrobe and use as a reminder about the special day. However, buying your own custom suit for a wedding can be quite expensive and not everyone will have the budget for it which is where renting can be a useful option to have. Many menswear stores will have suits for hire and are reasonably priced meaning that you can get a decent suit without having to break the bit. However, rented suits are usually only available in generic sizes and may not fit as well as a custom made suit. A great halfway point between these two is, of course, to buy a suit off the rack, and to then have it further tailored. This gives you the best of both worlds- a great fitting suit at a lower price, and one that you can both keep as a memento as well as wear for years to come.

How long should I wait before getting my suit?

The waiting time will vary depending on which tailor you go to and whether you are buying or renting a suit. If you’ re buying a suit, most tailors request that you place an order no later than two weeks before the wedding day. Many tailors will often have high workloads meaning that they will need this amount of time to alter suits to match the measurements of each of their client’s suitably. As demand during the spring/summer can also be extremely high, it is probably best to give it at least a month in advance to avoid any disappointment. If you are renting a suit, then it is best to get in as early as possible so you can guarantee that your preferred option is available for the date that you set. Many people during the wedding season will look to hire a suit so planning early and booking it a month or two in advance will avoid any disappointment and last minute panic.

I’m looking to rent a suit but the wedding may go on for several days. For how long can I rent a suit?

The rental period will depend on where you get the suit from, but most companies have different options to accommodate most customers. The standard hiring period is around 3-4 days, as this gives you enough time to pick the piece up, enjoy the day and bring it back after everything is finished. Of course, weddings overseas or away from home may require you to have a suit for a little longer than the standard period. Often companies allow you to keep the suit for several weeks, and charge you for that specific rental period. Remember that the longer you keep the items, the more you’ll have to pay! So plan ahead and pick your rental dates wisely.

Should I wear a hat for the day?

Hats were traditionally one of the main accessories that men wore as part of their wedding day ensemble but it’s become less common more recently. If you are keen on wearing a hat, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so and it can actually add a touch of class to your overall look. But this does depend on the formality of your wedding; if you’re having a grand, dramatic wedding (think in the style of the Royal Palace), this is absolutely suitable. If you’re having something more casual- for instance, a beach side affair- this’ll look and feel out of place. If you do choose to don a hat, this means sticking a classic piece that has a wide brim and a domed top, such as a fedora or hamburger (no sports caps, please). This is a style that will allow you to look good in the photos after the ceremony and arrive in a fashionable and stylish manner. However, you need to remember that hats should really be taken off during the wedding ceremony so wear them as an arrival piece more than anything else.

What should I look for in the right tailor?

When you are looking for the right tailor for your suit, there are a couple of things that you can look for that will give you an idea about who is best for the job. Initially, it’s best to look at tailors who do specialize in menswear. As obvious as it might sound, it does mean that the tailor is an expert in this field and will be less likely to have a huge workload. Alongside that, ask clothing shops in the area who they would recommend as they will likely have more than a sound knowledge of the local industry and will be able to point you in the right direction to someone who can do a decent job. Once you reach a tailor’s shop, ask to see some of their samples of their work whether it’s actual items or even just photos. By going through their past work, you can get a feel for what a suit might look like when it is finished and the style in which it is made. If you have a couple of non- wedding pieces that need to be fitted, it’s advised that you have them worked on by your potential tailor, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting yourself into later on. Once you’re satisfied tht you’ve made the right choice, you can proceed to finally having your suit actually made.

How should my groomsmen look?

Ideally, the groomsmen need to be well-dressed for the occasion and match the base themes of the wedding. Their suits will need to match the basic colours of the theme and not be too different from one another in their overall look. Therefore, try and set a base guidelines for them to follow as it will let them know what sort of items they will need to get and avoid anyone going too outrageous. If they’ll all be wearing the same suit, make sure they all have it tailored to best suit their individuals shapes.

Should I stick with black shoes on the day?

Black shoes are naturally the choice for anyone going to a wedding or formal event and you should really stick with them for your ceremony. They are usually the one piece of clothing that can go with almost any theme and will certainly keep up with the formality that comes with attending a wedding. Alongside that, there are hundreds of black shoes that someone can pick up from the shops and can be much easier and cheaper to get hold of than other colours such as brown or white. However, no two weddings are the same and not all ceremonies will be as formal or have the same colour themes as the next, so you need to consider these when buying you’re shoes. You also need to consider the suit’s colour: just about all colours- including black, grey, navy, and any more brightly coloured suits will match black shoes. Brown, tan- coloured, and cream or white coloured suits, however, will usually require brown shoes (or perhaps white shoes with the lightest suit shades, if you’re feeling daring).

I want to wear something a bit more comfortable for the reception. How formal should it be?

Even though it is less formal than the ceremony itself, you will still need to maintain an air of formality during the reception. It’s best to keep your jacket on during the early stages especially during the speeches and dinner where the guests will be interested in what you have to say. As the evening draws on, you can relax and take your jacket off as everyone relaxes and the occasion draws to a close. It means that you can get away with wearing a formal shirt that might not necessarily be custom fit but still goes well with the tuxedo or suit.

My wedding is going to be outdoors during the middle of summer. What should I wear to stay comfortable?
As summer is the heart of the wedding season, there are lots of things you can do to avoid sweating buckets throughout the wedding ceremony. For example, wearing a suit made out of thinner materials such as cotton or linen, will suit the weather nicely and prevent too much heat from being trapped inside. Additionally, it might be better to wear a lighter- coloured suit as this will do a better job of deflecting heat than a dark suit would.

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